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Are you putting off refinancing your home loan because you’re unsure of where to start? Perhaps you think it’s too expensive (or even if it’s worth the effort)?  

The truth is, refinancing is far simpler (and cheaper) than nailing the perfect colour scheme. You just need the right team behind you and, as Penrith’s truly independent mortgage brokers, we are that team. 

No cost, no obligation, and no hidden fine print – just finance made simple. 

A wide range of lenders and loans

The guidance of an independent financial specialist

A simple, stress-free process

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Why refinance your home loan?

Reduce your repayments 

by securing better interest rates or changing loan duration 

Benefit from additional features 

such as offset accounts or redraw facilities.  

Fund a major expense or purchase 

by accessing the equity in your home.

Eliminate high-interest debts

by consolidating them into a single loan at a lower interest rate.

Budget with certainty

by switching from an adjustable-rate to a fixed-rate mortgage.

Pay off your loan faster

with ongoing review and refinancing.

From accessing a lower interest rate, unlocking the equity in your home or even consolidating multiple debts into one, our own financial circumstances define which of the ‘better terms’ is our main priority. And this is where Educated Finance stands apart. 

We’re not aligned with lenders, and we’re not paid incentives to recommend products. Our independence means that we have a single priority – you.

Refinance your home loan with mortgage brokers that work for you, not the banks

When refinancing your home loan, the lender you choose is entirely your choice. But how do you make an educated choice when comparing lenders (not to mention their respective loan products) is so complex?

That’s where we come in.

Educated Finance offers a safe, simple solution for those looking to refinance.

We do all the hard work for you by: 

Most importantly, we’re completely independent.  

No lender alliances

We aren’t aligned or affiliated with any single brands or product – we work for you, not the banks.

No incentive payments

We’re not paid incentives; our recommendations are based solely on your best interests.

So don’t compromise – make the most of your refinancing opportunities with Penrith’s truly independent team of mortgage brokers. It’s why even the most experienced of borrowers use us to refinance their home loans.

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Clients say our help with refinancing is invaluable

From start to finish… had my best interests at heart.

Steve Jessup

Seamless process doing our first investment loan and refinance...


Above and beyond for our refinancing… a legend

Karina Gersbach

“They communicated with us every step of the way, gave us informed choices, and took the stress of refinancing and restructuring our finances completely away”

Liza Doyle

Our refinancing process

Our goal is to make refinancing simple. Clients, however, consistently thank us for delivering personal, and not generic, solutions.  

We’re happy delivering both. 

You get in touch!

When you contact us, we’ll arrange a time to meet with one of our mortgage brokers. 

We get to know you

Delivering a genuinely personal solution is the crux of why we’re independent.  

With the ability and freedom to explore a range of lenders and products, it’s vital we first understand your current financial situation and future goals to explore the right options for you 

We research – comprehensively

Armed with all the required information, we deep-dive into the complex world of home loans – if only it were as easy as comparing apples with apples.  

But the effort is always worth the result, and we emerge with a shortlist of loan options best placed to deliver the benefits you’re after. 

We work with your chosen lender

Once you’ve decided on your lender and loan of choice, we get the process underway. We’ll work closely with you at every stage, from securing the required documentation and organising your property valuation through to completing and lodging your refinance application. 

We manage the process for you

After your refinancing offer is accepted, we’ll guide you through the legal paperwork.

It’s high-fives all round

On the date agreed by all parties, the outstanding balance of your existing loan will be paid out. Excess funds will be paid to your nominated account. And we celebrate – congratulations. 

Personal solutions for refinancing

Talk to the team that’s here to talk about… you 

Get uncompromised, impartial refinancing advice from truly independent mortgage brokers

What does working with Educated Finance mean for you?

We have access to multiple lenders

More home loan options 

A wider range of benefits 

Better interest rates and savings 

We’re not paid incentives

Unbiased recommendations

Genuine, impartial advice

100% commitment to your best interests

Our service is free for borrowers

Financial advice at no cost

Expert refinancing guidance

More money in your pocket

Why consider refinancing your home loan?

To benefit from newly-introduced features, you should review your home loan at least every two years. But some homeowners have a specific reason for refinancing.  

If you’re after additional flexibility in your household budget, refinancing could be a viable option to explore. Extending your loan terms could help with managing the effects of increasing interest rates and repayments. You could also make the most of incentives, such as cashback schemes, while negotiating a competitive rate from another lender. 

Whatever your reason to refinance, one thing remains vital – that your new home loan is tailored to your specific needs, with features and fees that align with your personal goals and objectives. 

Reduce mortgage stress

Increasing interest rates, the high costs of living … refinancing provides various options for reducing mortgage stress. Solutions are unique to your financial situation.

Access a better deal at the end of your fixed rate period

Instead of reverting to your lender’s current variable rate at the end of your fixed rate agreement, refinancing explores the better rates on offer.

Adjust your loan structure

If you’re refinancing to invest, the ideal loan structure will ideally save you interest while also being tax effective.

Lower your home loan fees

From Establishment fees to Discharge fees (not to mention all of the ongoing ones in between), refinancing can potentially deliver a hefty chunk of savings.

Consolidate high-interest debts

From Establishment fees to Discharge fees (not to mention all of the ongoing ones in between), refinancing can potentially deliver a hefty chunk of savings.

Make use of cashback and other incentives

It's not uncommon for lenders to encourage new customers to switch using incentives, such cashback offers. Provided the loan is a good fit for your needs, refinancing with them may work to your advantage!

Use the increased value of one property to invest in another

By refinancing to access the equity in your home, you can invest in a rental property, or simply renovate or extend the home you love.

Improved financial management

If riding the variable rate rollercoaster is making financial planning near impossible, fixing all (or even part) of your home loan will provide budgeting certainty.

Secure a better suited loan

Don’t exclude refinancing with your existing lender – if they have a new or different product better suited to your needs, it’s worth investigating!

You deserve a better home loan

Let's make it happen

Are you ready to secure a better deal on your home loan?

Home loans can be complex, but not with Educated.  

You don’t have to figure it out for yourself. We’ll help you at every single stage.

You don’t have to stress about getting burnt by high fees, variable interest rates, or unreasonable payment terms – we go through the fine print for you. 

And you don’t have to compromise on how much you can save. Not being tied to any lenders or products lets us find the loan terms for you – no compromises. 

Don’t let the complexity of refinancing overwhelm you. Whether you’re looking to consolidate debt, fund home improvements, or simply lower your interest rate, we can help.  

Get in touch with the Educated Finance team today and find out why Penrith’s independent mortgage brokers are also Penrith’s favourite brokers.

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Why choose the Educated Finance team to refinance your loan?

A genuinely personal focus, informed advice, and an approach that’s genuinely different.   

Mortgage brokers committed you

One of our awesome clients left a Google review that said it best – we ‘leave no stone unturned’ to help. 

Mortgage brokers with personality

We’re a melting pot of individuality – just ask our views on whether NRL or soccer (football) is more superior, mice or spiders are more terrifying, and if nachos is the ultimate meal (compared to Twinkies, we’d say yes…).

Mortgage brokers with integrity

We genuinely prioritise client care via honesty, reliability, and a belief in doing the right thing – always.

When you refinance with Australia’s truly independent mortgage brokers, you know you’re getting the very best deal

Specialists in helping homeowners refinance their home loans to save money, reduce monthly costs, or free up capital. 

We’re physically based in Penrith but help clients Australia-wide. 

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Questions about refinancing?

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We know exactly how challenging it is to navigate the world of home loan products and interest rate rises. After all – how do you compare apples with oranges?  

Luckily you don’t have to – we have the know-how and systems to do it for you. So, if you’re considering refinancing, there’s no need to struggle working it out on your own or get locked into paying more than you need to with a seductive interest rate but not-so-appealing fine print. 

Take control of your financial future today. Whatever you need, we’re here to help. 

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