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Finding the best home loans on the market sometimes isn’t quite as straightforward as buyers would like it to be.  

With countless lenders and literally hundreds of different home loan products available, it can be difficult to know where to start. And with money still a relatively taboo discussion topic, it’s easy to feel isolated and overwhelmed. 

That’s where we come in. Whether you’re a first-time buyer, relocating, or want to switch to a better rate, Educated Finance is here to help. 

Manage your home loan with confidence  

For most of us, a home loan is generally one of the biggest financial commitments we’ll ever make. It’s why finding the right home loan is more than just a Google search or five-minute phone conversation. 

We all want the ability to effectively manage our home loan without having to make significant sacrifices to your lifestyle or financial goals. And at Educated, this means more than just ticking a few boxes or helping you navigate the home loan process. It means setting you up for long-term success by enabling you to manage your home loan with confidence.

We’ve been making home loans simple for over 20 years 

For more than 20 years, we’ve been helping clients: 

  • Secure new home loans 
  • Refinance existing home loans, and 
  • Negotiate mortgage relief during times of financial hardship. 

It’s our truly personal approach, combined with a willingness to go the extra mile and genuinely advocate on your behalf, that sets Educated apart. 

Get the home loan help you deserve – talk to us today. 

Secure a better home loan with access to a wide range of lenders

Home loans are incredibly personal – what works for you may not work for your best friend or neighbour. And with so many lenders and loan variables, finding the right home loan is no longer simply a case of talking to your Bank Manager. 

Why? Instead of just the one product, we have access to a panel of reputable lenders. By comparing a range of home loan products, we’re able to deliver a more personalised solution by: 

  • Understanding your needs and goals 
  • Analysing the products on the market, and 
  • Identifying the most suitable ones, and 
  • Securing the home loan that will best serve your needs.

We consider interest rates

Interest rates are one of the first things people think about when considering a home loan.

We have access to over 30 lenders, which means that if you’re simply looking for a home loan with the lowest interest rate, we’ll find it for you.

We consider mortgage repayments

We’ve found the ideal loan but, aside from being able to service it, are you comfortable with the repayment amounts?

Using some of the most accurate home loan calculators on the market, we’ll help you run the numbers to make sure it’s the right path to financial (and lifestyle) success.

We consider home loan products

As mortgage brokers, we can run home loan comparisons on loans from over 30 lenders. And because we’re not tied to a bank or finance provider, we’re under no obligation to sell you a particular loan product.

Instead, our focus is on sourcing the best solution for you.

We source specific types of loans

Working hard to save money and clear debt to buy a home?

Whether you have a deposit in the bank, are looking for a no-deposit home loan or need to consider a bad credit loan, we can access a range of products to help.

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Home loans can stressful, but we’re here to make it easy. 

A home loan is a long-term commitment. Know that, as your brokers, we’re committed for the long-term, too.


Why people choose Educated

Dedicated and supportive

"Serena was so dedicated and supportive im helping us obtain finance for our very loved family home. Nothing was ever an issue and went beyond the call of duty. 5 stars from us! Will recommend her to anyone and everyone. "

Pembe Ogden

Professional and knowledgable

"Highly Recommended. I have had recent dealings with Educated Finance and couldn't be happier. Given my situation, they went above and beyond and wouldn't take no for an answer to get me over the line for my Home Loan Finance. The team have been very professional and knowledgable."

Brady Harris

Use our home loan calculators to see for yourself 

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borrowing power

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See how much government charges, lender fees and other costs will add with our Property Buying Cost Calculator.

Work out the total cost of buying your dream home

Compare two home loan options to see how much you could save with our Loan Comparison Calculator.

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Experience the difference that a skilled, committed, and proactive broker can make to finding the perfect home loan for you – one that invests the time and effort you deserve.  

At Educated, it’s something we pride ourselves on.