We have built our business on being able to help our clients with every aspect of their commercial endeavours. Whether it is putting them in touch with other professionals we trust to assist them with their needs beyond finance, or diversifying our own skill-set so that we add value to our primary function as mortgage brokers.

Our team are also experienced in the areas of buyer’s agency, residential real estate and commercial real estate.

Residential Real Estate

Much of what we do is helping people fulfil their dreams of buying their own home, but did you know that we have a real estate branch called Educated Property ?

We are fully licensed real estate agents which means that we can help you with the following:

  • Selling your property
  • Buying your property (we may even have something on our books you will fall in love with)
  • Property management and tenancy.

Call us today to speak with one of our licensed real estate agents if you have any questions.

Commercial Real Estate

Just like the residential property market, the commercial real estate sector is very competitive. We have experience in:

  • Selling commercial property such as office space and shops
  • Leasing commercial property
  • Buying commercial property.

Buyer’s Agency

Where a real estate agent usually looks after the seller in a property sale or purchase, a buyer’s agent or “buyer’s advocate” looks after the purchaser. An experienced buyer’s agent will make sure you pay the right amount of money for the property you are purchasing, and will help you to navigate negotiations that can stressful and confusing if you are not experienced in buying property.

Whether you are looking to purchase an investment property, invest in commercial real estate, bid at an auction, need help dealing with real estate agents or are involved in any other type of property investment, one of our experienced buyer’s agents can help you make sure your purchase goes smoothly.